Liberation and Pleasure: Feminist Sex Shops and the Politics of Consumption

  title={Liberation and Pleasure: Feminist Sex Shops and the Politics of Consumption},
  author={April Nicole Huff},
  journal={Women's Studies},
  pages={427 - 446}
  • A. Huff
  • Published 25 April 2018
  • Art
  • Women's Studies
In the Spring 2004 issue of Bitch magazine, the feminist sex shop Toys in Babeland ran an ad, in honor of Masturbation May, encouraging readers to “start your own sexual revolution!” Alongside info... 

The scarlet V: how women with dyspareunia negotiate postfeminist discourses of sexual agency.

Young women must often contend with cultural scripts dictating neoliberal/postfeminist ideals of female sexual agency, including the ability to act in accord with one's personal sexual self-interest.

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  • Encyclopedia of Sexuality and Gender
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