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Liberalism, Radical Feminism and Prostitution: : A Reassessment of Two Perspectives on Prostitution

  title={Liberalism, Radical Feminism and Prostitution: : A Reassessment of Two Perspectives on Prostitution},
  author={Hampus Bj{\"o}rklund},
The current philosophical debate about prostitution is mainly concerned with two different points of view: (a) the permissibility of prostitution and if paternalistic interference on behalf of pros ... 


Liberalism and prostitution
The Permissibility of Paternalism, Government Neutrality and Perfectionism, and the Paternalistic Case for Prostitution Laws are reviewed.
Prostitution and Sexual Autonomy: Making Sense of the Prohibition of Prostitution*
By now, it is well known that prostitutes in Western nations frequently live and operate in truly disastrous conditions. These conditions are typically worst for the many economically and/or racially
Prostitution and pornography : philosophical debate about the sex industry
Table Of Contents Introduction Jessica Spector "Introduction: Sex, Money, and Philosophy" I. Critiques of the Sex Industry Ch.1 Vednita Carter and Evelina Giobbe "Duet: Prostitution, Racism, and
Prostitution, Exploitation and Taboo
It is so generally accepted that prostitution is immoral, that this is one of the least discussed of all ethical issues. Few serious philosophical treatments of the subject have been published. Of
5. Split at the Root: Prostitution and Feminist Discourses of Law Reform
t Assistant Professor of Law, Florida State University College of Law. For my family: Mother Marge, Bob, Tim, John, Scharl, Marilynne, Jim, Robert, and in memory of my father, James. This article was
Criminal Deterrence Research at the Outset of the Twenty-First Century
Evidence for a substantial deterrent effect is much firmer than it was two decades ago. However, large gaps in knowledge on the links between policy actions and behavior make it difficult to assess
9. Prostitution and the Case for Decriminalization