Liberal Education and Nursing

  title={Liberal Education and Nursing},
  author={Charles H. Russell},
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Making the case for differentiation of registered nurse practice: Historical perspectives meet contemporary efforts

The clinical ladder program is proposed as a model to initiate differentiated RN practice at the institutional level and can be revised to meet the needs of the individual regions around the globe.

Reframing disorder: gender, class, and the history of the resurfacing debate in nursing

The socio-cultural-political context surrounding the decisions to develop the diploma BSN and ADN educational pathways; the historical debate concerning the role and functions educational pathway and professional identity of the entry-level RN; and the relationship between the educational pathway developments and the resurfacing historical debate are understood.

A study of baccalaureate nursing students linking of liberal education with their professional nursing education dissertation

The education of nursing students has moved into institutions of higher learning from hospital based schools of nursing. This move has emphasized the integration of the liberal arts within the

General education in nursing: current practices and faculty attitudes.

  • K. Sohn
  • Education
    Nursing papers. Perspectives en nursing
  • 1986
No systematic study of the general education content in baccalaureate and college diploma nursing programs in Canada is available, and anyone familiar with nursing literature can easily perceive that changes have mainly been concerned with the nursing component of the curriculum but not with general education courses.

Opinion: Rebuttal: On Bringing Order out of the Chaos of Nursing Education

The Ginzberg and the Brown reports of 1948 paint a gloomy outlook for the education and the work setting for nurses and the system was unable to quantitatively or qualitatively meet the demands for its services.

Rebuttal: on bringing order out of the chaos of nursing education.

  • J. Kaiser
  • Education
    The American journal of nursing
  • 1976

A Research Project to Determine the Student Acceptability and Learning Effectiveness of Microform Collections in Community Colleges: Phase I, Final Report.

DOCUMENT RESUME JC 700 176 Giles, Louise A Research Project to Determine the Student Acceptability and Learning Effectiveness of Microform Collections in Community Colleges: Phase Final Report.

The nurse and the university.

  • M. O. Abbott
  • Philosophy, Medicine
    International journal of nursing studies
  • 1969

Evaluations of Institutions and Programs

EVALUATION of colleges and universities, and of their programs, has received considerable attention since Pace and Wallace's discussion (42) in the REVIEW. The establishment of bureaus of