LiSc(BH4)4: a novel salt of Li+ and discrete Sc(BH4)4(-) complex anions.

  title={LiSc(BH4)4: a novel salt of Li+ and discrete Sc(BH4)4(-) complex anions.},
  author={Hans R Hagemann and Mo{\"i}se Longhini and Jakub W. Kaminski and Tomasz A. Wesolowski and Radovan {\vC}ern{\'y} and Nicolas Penin and Magnus Helgerud S\orby and Bj\orn Christian Hauback and Godwin Severa and Craig M. Jensen},
  journal={The journal of physical chemistry. A},
  volume={112 33},
LiSc(BH4)4 has been prepared by ball milling of LiBH4 and ScCl3. Vibrational spectroscopy indicates the presence of discrete Sc(BH4)4(-) ions. DFT calculations of this isolated complex ion confirm that it is a stable complex, and the calculated vibrational spectra agree well with the experimental ones. The four BH4(-) groups are oriented with a tilted plane of three hydrogen atoms directed to the central Sc ion, resulting in a global 8 + 4 coordination. The crystal structure obtained by high… CONTINUE READING

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GeneVa 4, Switzerland, Physics department, Institute for Energy Technology, P.O. Box 40 NO-2027 Kjeller, Norway, and UniVersity of Hawaii at Manoa

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LiSc(BH4)4: A Novel Salt of Li+ and Discrete Sc(BH4)4− Complex Anions

  • HAGEMANN, Hans-Rudolf
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  • 2008

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