LiNbO3 thin‐film optical waveguide grown by liquid phase epitaxy and its application to second‐harmonic generation

  title={LiNbO3 thin‐film optical waveguide grown by liquid phase epitaxy and its application to second‐harmonic generation},
  author={Hitoshi Tamada and Atsuo Yamada and Masaki Saitoh},
  journal={Journal of Applied Physics},
LiNbO3 thin‐film optical waveguides with high crystallinity and good surface morphology have been grown on 5 mol % MgO‐doped Z‐plate LiNbO3 substrates by liquid‐phase epitaxy using Li2O‐V2O5 flux. A small lattice mismatch less than 4×10−3 A in the X axis, a small linewidth of 11s in an x‐ray rocking curve, and a perfect mirror surface are realized by choosing a melt composition. Ordinary refractive index no at a wavelength of 0.6328 μm is unchanged (2.287) with melts of different compositions… Expand
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