Lexikon der Syndrome und Fehlbildungen. Ursachen, Genetik, Risiken (2003)


The practitioner of medical genetics requires ready access to an extraordinary range of information about numerous diseases, syndromes, congenital malformation, developmental retardation, and the like. Although good online systems exist, a book within reach will remain indispensable. Here is such a book for the German-language reader. This is a well-produced handsome book in its 7th edition with a blue cover featuring in the upper third a sequencing gel and a child with Klippel–Feil syndrome. The first edition by the first two authors appeared in 1974 in East Berlin, then the capital of the former German Democratic Republic. The first author is a leading German medical geneticist. Although not trained in medicine, Regine Witkowski directed an excellent department of medical genetics with high quality medical genetics and patient care. This book reflects her vast experience.

DOI: 10.1007/s00439-004-1131-9

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@article{Passarge2004LexikonDS, title={Lexikon der Syndrome und Fehlbildungen. Ursachen, Genetik, Risiken (2003)}, author={Eberhard Passarge}, journal={Human Genetics}, year={2004}, volume={115}, pages={165-165} }