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Levy processes and stochastic integrals in Banach spaces

  title={Levy processes and stochastic integrals in Banach spaces},
  author={David Applebaum},
We review in¯nite divisibility and Levy processes in Banach spaces and discuss the relationship with notions of type and cotype. The Levy-It^o decomposition is described. Strong, weak and Pettis-style notions of stochastic integral are introduced and applied to construct generalised Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processes. 

Maximal Inequalities of the Itô Integral with Respect to Poisson Random Measures or Lévy Processes on Banach Spaces

We are interested in maximal inequalities satisfied by a stochastic integral driven by a Poisson random measure in a general Banach space.

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The Itô integral for a certain class of Lévy processes and its application to stochastic partial differential equations

Stochastic integration with respect to a Wiener process in Banach spaces have been considered by several authors (Brzeźniak [5], Dettweiler [13], Neidhart [22] and Van Neerven, Veraar and Weiss

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On etudie des distributions stationnaires et on donne des conditions necessaires et suffisantes d'existence ainsi qu'une caracterisation

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Type and cotype for a Banach space p-summing maps.- Pietsch factorization theorem.- Completely summing maps. Hilbert-Schmidt and nuclear maps.- p-integral maps.- Completely summing maps: Six