Levosimendan in septic cardiac failure

  title={Levosimendan in septic cardiac failure},
  author={Andrea Noto and Matteo Giacomini and A. Palandi and Lauren Stabile and C. Reali-Forster and Gaetano Iapichino},
  journal={Intensive Care Medicine},
calcium and opening the adenosine-triphosphate-sensitive potassium channels. In addition, it has phosphodiesterase-inhibiting properties [2]. Animal data (in vitro [2] and pre-treatment in vivo [3]) showed a positive effect when used in septic shock, as well as in different types of shock in humans, some of which were septic [4]. The drug’s mode of action in septic cardiac failure could also be different from calcium sensitivity [2]. We used levosimendan in two cases of septic shock with… CONTINUE READING


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