Leveraging hospital big data to monitor flu epidemics

  title={Leveraging hospital big data to monitor flu epidemics},
  author={Guillaume Bouzill{\'e} and Canelle Poirier and Boris Campillo-Gimenez and Marie-Laure Aubert and M{\'e}lanie Chabot and Emmanuel Chazard and Audrey Lavenu and Marc Cuggia},
  journal={Computer methods and programs in biomedicine},
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Influenza epidemics are a major public health concern and require a costly and time-consuming surveillance system at different geographical scales. The main challenge is being able to predict epidemics. Besides traditional surveillance systems, such as the French Sentinel network, several studies proposed prediction models based on internet-user activity. Here, we assessed the potential of hospital big data to monitor influenza epidemics. METHODS We used the clinical… CONTINUE READING