Levels of some serum enzymes in patients with schistosomiasis.

  title={Levels of some serum enzymes in patients with schistosomiasis.},
  author={L A Salah and A A Kheireldin and Mai M H Mansour and F. Hussein},
  journal={The Journal of tropical medicine and hygiene},
  volume={79 12},
The effect of active schistosomiasis on the activity of some serum enzymes of hepatic origin has been studied in 46 male Egyptian patients with S. mansoni infections. These enzymes included total lactic dehydrogenase and its isoenzymes, 5'nucleotidase, B-glucuronidase, ornithine carbamyl transferase and sorbitol dehydrogenase. Samples were collected on admission, a week after the end of treatment and one month later. B-glucuronidase showed no change whereas ornithine carbamyl transferase… CONTINUE READING