Levels of paraquat in fatal intoxications

  title={Levels of paraquat in fatal intoxications},
  author={Sang Ki Lee and Kiyoshi Ameno and Systems In and Jin Young Yang and Ki Uk Kim and Kwang Soo Koo and Young Chan Yoo and Setsuko Ameno and Iwao Ijiri},
  journal={International Journal of Legal Medicine},
We describe here fatal levels of paraquat in plasma of victims due to the ingestion of the herbicide, paraquat, and the relationship between those levels and survival times after ingestion. We determined paraquat levels in plasma of 106 paraquat poisoning cases in Korea between June 1992 and December 1996 using a visible spectrophotometric method based on the alkali-dithionite reaction. Among 55 cases with known survival times, plasma paraquat levels of victims who died within one day of… CONTINUE READING