Levels of depleted uranium in Kosovo soils.

  title={Levels of depleted uranium in Kosovo soils.},
  author={Umberto Sansone and L. Stellato and Guogang Jia and Silvia Rosamilia and Stefania Gaudino and Sabrina Barbizzi and Maria Aparecida de Jesus Belli},
  journal={Radiation protection dosimetry},
  volume={97 4},
The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has performed a field survey at 11 sites located in Kosovo, where depleted uranium (DU) ammunitions were used by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) during the last Balkans conflict (1999). Soil sampling was performed to assess the spread of DU ground contamination around and within the NATO target sites and the migration of DU along the soil profile. The 234U/238U and 235U/238U activity concentration ratios have been used as an… CONTINUE READING

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