Level of physical fitness and adipocyte lipolysis in humans.

  title={Level of physical fitness and adipocyte lipolysis in humans.},
  author={J. P. Despr{\'e}s and Claude Bouchard and Roland Savard and Angelo Tremblay and Martine Marcotte and Germain Th{\'e}riault},
  journal={Journal of applied physiology: respiratory, environmental and exercise physiology},
  volume={56 5},
The present experiment was conducted to study the influence of exercise training on adipose tissue lipolytic activity and to identify the amount of training required to induce maximal adaptation in humans. Fifty-one male subjects were divided into three groups according to their training regimen: 1) sedentary subjects (SS) (n = 21); 2) trained subjects (TS) (n = 15) who had exercised during a period of 20 wk, 5 days/wk, 45 min/session; and 3) experienced marathon runners (MR) (n = 15) who ran… CONTINUE READING


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