Level Planarity Testing in Linear Time

  title={Level Planarity Testing in Linear Time},
  author={Michael J{\"u}nger and Sebastian Leipert and Petra Mutzel},
  booktitle={Graph Drawing},
In a leveled directed acyclic graph G = (V, E) the vertex set V is partitioned into k ≤ |V | levels V1, V2, . . . , Vk such that for each edge (u, v) ∈ E with u ∈ Vi and v ∈ Vj we have i < j. The level planarity testing problem is to decide if G can be drawn in the plane such that for each level Vi, all v ∈ Vi are drawn on the line li = {(x, k−i) | x ∈ R}, the edges are drawn monotone with respect to the vertical direction, and no edges intersect except at their end vertices. If G has a single… CONTINUE READING