Leukoerythrophagocytosis by sinus histiocytes: case report.


Leukoerythrophagocytosis by sinus histiocytes in the lymph nodes is a rare cytological observation. Though often seen in lymph nodes draining malignancies, one may occasionally encounter them in vascular lesions. We report a case of leukoerythrophagocytosis by sinus histiocytes of the right supraclavicular lymph nodes in a 35-yr-old male. He presented with a painful soft tissue mass in the right anterior region of the chest wall extending into the axilla of 6 mo duration. Bilateral radial pulsations were absent. The patient had received treatment for pulmonary tuberculosis 1 yr ago. FNAC of the soft tissue mass revealed only blood. Radiological evaluation revealed a vascular lesion, with smooth borders, extending into the upper zone of right lung and displacing the second rib inferiorly. Doppler evaluation confirmed it to be a right subclavian aneurysm with arteritis.

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