Leukocytosis and large cell lung cancer. A frequent association.

  title={Leukocytosis and large cell lung cancer. A frequent association.},
  author={Joao L. Ascensao and Martin M. Oken and Stephen L. Ewing and Robert J Goldberg and Manuel E. Kaplan},
  volume={60 4},
In a retrospective study of 105 patients with non-small cell lung cancer during a 5-year period, 43 had leukocytosis. In 19 of the 43 patients, no clear cut etiology for the leukocytosis was apparent and it was attributed to the tumor itself. In these 19 patients, absolute neutrophilia was detected in 13, eosinophilia was present in three, and eleven exhibited concomitant thrombocytosis. Tumor-associated leukocytosis occurred predominantly, and eosinophilia exclusively, in patients with large… CONTINUE READING
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