Leukocyte-specific protein 1 interacts with DC-SIGN and mediates transport of HIV to the proteasome in dendritic cells


Dendritic cells (DCs) capture and internalize human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-1 through C-type lectins, including DC-SIGN. These cells mediate efficient infection of T cells by concentrating the delivery of virus through the infectious synapse, a process dependent on the cytoplasmic domain of DC-SIGN. Here, we identify a cellular protein that binds specifically to the cytoplasmic region of DC-SIGN and directs internalized virus to the proteasome. This cellular protein, leukocyte-specific protein 1 (LSP1), was defined biochemically by immunoprecipitation and matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry. LSP1 is an F-actin binding protein involved in leukocyte motility and found on the cytoplasmic surface of the plasma membrane. LSP1 interacted specifically with DC-SIGN and other C-type lectins, but not the inactive mutant DC-SIGNDelta35, which lacks a cytoplasmic domain and shows altered virus transport in DCs. LSP1 diverts HIV-1 to the proteasome. Down-regulation of LSP1 with specific small interfering RNAs in human DCs enhanced HIV-1 transfer to T cells, and bone marrow DCs from lsp1(-/-) mice also showed an increase in transfer of HIV-1(BaL) to a human T cell line. Proteasome inhibitors increased retention of viral proteins in lsp1(+/+) DCs, and substantial colocalization of virus to the proteasome was observed in wild-type compared with LSP1-deficient cells. Collectively, these data suggest that LSP1 protein facilitates virus transport into the proteasome after its interaction with DC-SIGN through its interaction with cytoskeletal proteins.

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