Leukocyte apoptosis and its significance in sepsis and shock.

  title={Leukocyte apoptosis and its significance in sepsis and shock.},
  author={Doreen E Wesche and Joanne L. Lomas-Neira and Mario Perl and Chun-Shiang Chung and Alfred Ayala},
  journal={Journal of leukocyte biology},
  volume={78 2},
Sepsis and multiple organ failure continue to be significant problems among trauma, burn, and the critically ill patient population. Thus, a number of laboratories have focused on understanding the role of altered apoptotic cell death in contributing to immune and organ dysfunction seen in sepsis and shock. Immune cells that undergo altered apoptotic changes include neutrophils, macrophages, dendritic cells, as well as various lymphocyte populations. Evidence of epithelial as well as… CONTINUE READING


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