Leukemia following chemotherapy for ovarian cancer.

  title={Leukemia following chemotherapy for ovarian cancer.},
  author={John Kaldor and N. E. Day and F. Pettersson and E. Aileen Clarke and Dorte Pedersen and Wolfgang H Mehnert and Janine Bell and Hans H\ost and Polly Prior and Seppo Karjalainen},
  journal={The New England journal of medicine},
  volume={322 1},
An international collaborative group of cancer registries and hospitals identified 114 cases of leukemia following ovarian cancer. We investigated the possible etiologic role of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and other factors, using a case-control study design, with three controls matched to each case of leukemia. Chemotherapy alone was associated with a relative risk of 12 (95 percent confidence interval, 4.4 to 32), as compared with surgery alone, and patients treated with both chemotherapy and… CONTINUE READING