Leucocytosis is not a manifestation of rejection.

  title={Leucocytosis is not a manifestation of rejection.},
  author={Abdallah S. Daar and Peter J. Morris and D. O. Oliver},
  journal={British medical journal},
  volume={2 6102},
The leucocyte response to allograft rejection was retrospectively analysed in 80 rejection episodes that occurred in 50 patients. There was no significant change in leucocyte count in 32 rejection episodes. In 27 there was a fall in leucocyte count of more than 20% and in only 21 was there a rise in count of more than 20%. Thus leucocytosis seems not to be a manifestation of rejection; indeed, it is the least common response, a fall in the count being commoner. The results also suggest that the… CONTINUE READING

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