Leucine kinetics in endurance-trained humans.

  title={Leucine kinetics in endurance-trained humans.},
  author={Linda Suzan Lamont and Dr. Ganesh K. Patel and Satish C. Kalhan},
  journal={Journal of applied physiology},
  volume={69 1},
This study compared whole-body leucine kinetics in endurance-trained (TRN) and sedentary (SED) control subjects. Eleven men and women (6 TRN, 5 SED) underwent a 6-h primed, constant-rate infusion of L-[1-13C]leucine. Leucine turnover and oxidation were measured using tracer dilution and by measuring 13C enrichment of expired CO2 combined with respiratory calorimetry. Whole-body leucine turnover was greater in the TRN subjects (P less than 0.004; TRN 98.3 +/- 5.0, SED 75.3 +/- 4.2 mumol.kg-1.h-1… CONTINUE READING


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