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Letters and networks : analysing Olive Schreiner's epistolary networks.

  title={Letters and networks : analysing Olive Schreiner's epistolary networks.},
  author={S. Poustie},
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Randlords and figurations : an Eliasian study of social change and South Africa
This study investigates the role that the Randlords, a group of mining magnates with wide-ranging concerns operating in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, played in social change inExpand
The Feminism of Olive Schreiner and the Feminism of Aletta Jacobs: The Reception of Schreiner’s Woman and Labour in the Netherlands
ABSTRACT This article explores points of contact between Olive Schreiner and Aletta Jacobs, two prominent first-wave feminists, presenting a case study of cultural mobility from South Africa to theExpand


Edward Carpenter Collection
  • 2015
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Evidence of me
The Pittsburgh Project researchers focused on defining the functional requirements for recordkeeping in a corporate context, and developing means to satisfy them through a blend of policy, systemExpand
The Work of Making and the Work it Does: Cultural Sociology and ‘Bringing- Into-Being’ the Cultural Assemblage of the Olive Schreiner Letters
Programmatic ideas regarding cultural sociology and its inter-relationship with cultural production inspired by the work of Inglis et al., Mukerji and Bennett are explored. A particular culturalExpand
‘I Just Express My Views & Leave Them to Work’: Olive Schreiner as a Feminist Protagonist in a Masculine Political Landscape with Figures
There are disturbances as well as regularities in the gender order, including challenges to and re-workings of conventional hierarchies. An example of such re-workings provides the focus ofExpand
Communication in social networks: Effects of kinship, network size, and emotional closeness
Communication is important in preventing social relationships from decaying over time. This study examined the effects of social network size, emotional closeness, and type of relationship (kinshipExpand
Contemporary Perspectives on Epistolarity
This special issue opens an interdisciplinary space to reflect on the deceptively simple question: ‘what is a letter?’ The idea for the issue emerged out of a symposium hosted by the Department ofExpand