Letter to the Editor

  title={Letter to the Editor},
  author={Carrie L. Hull and Anne Fausto-Sterling},
  journal={American Journal of Human Biology},
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Review of Critical Realism, Feminism and Gender: A Reader

This is a most welcome handbook arriving at a timely moment for those interested in feminism in relation to sex/gender, progressive politics and sustainability. Critical realism has been an

Characteristics and possible mechanisms of 46, XY differences in sex development caused by novel compound variants in NR5A1 and MAP3K1

The findings suggested the novel compound variants of NR5A1 and MAP3K1 can alter the expression of SOX9 and ultimately lead to abnormality of sex development.

Scrutinizing the U.S. Equality Act 2019: A Feminist Examination of Definitional Changes and Sociolegal Ramifications

The U.S. Equality Act, which amends civil rights statutes to explicitly prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, passed the House in May 2019 with unanimous