Letter counting: a stem cell for Cryptology, Quantitative Linguistics, and Statistics

  title={Letter counting: a stem cell for Cryptology, Quantitative Linguistics, and Statistics},
  author={Bernard Ycart},
  • B. Ycart
  • Published 29 November 2012
  • Linguistics
  • ArXiv
Counting letters in written texts is a very ancient practice. It has accompanied the development of Cryptology, Quantitative Linguistics, and Statistics. In Cryptology, counting frequencies of the different characters in an encrypted message is the basis of the so called frequency analysis method. In Quantitative Linguistics, the proportion of vowels to consonants in different languages was studied long before authorship attribution. In Statistics, the alternation vowel-consonants was the only… 

Historical Remarks on the Consonant-Vowel Proportion - From Cryptoanalysis to Linguistic Typology. The Concept of Phonological Stoichiometry (Francis Lieber, 1800-1872)

What is even more important in this context, is Alberti’s attempt to quantify the CV relation.

An Archeology of Cryptography: Rewriting Plaintext, Encryption, and Ciphertext

This dissertation offers a critique of the prevailing views of cryptography by tracing a number of long overlooked themes in its history, including the development of artificial languages, machine translation, media, code, notation, silence, and order.

Automated cryptanalysis of substitution cipher using Hill climbing with well designed heuristic function

A new heuristic function is proposed in order to drastically improve overall fitness of the standard Hill climbing algorithm and several fitness functions have been tested and it is concluded which of those functions should be used in case of short or long texts.

Utilizing Language-Image Pretraining for Efficient and Robust Bilingual Word Alignment

This work develops a novel UWT method dubbed Word Alignment using Language-Image Pretraining (WALIP), which leverages visual observations via the shared embedding space of images and texts provided by CLIP models, and applies the robust Procrustes algorithm for better alignment.



Alberti's letter counts

  • B. Ycart
  • Linguistics
    Lit. Linguistic Comput.
  • 2014
Four centuries before modern statistical linguistics was born, Leon Battista Alberti (1404--1472) compared the frequency of vowels in Latin poems and orations, making the first quantified observation

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Francois Viete is the originator of modern methodical cryptanalysis, whose methods rely on mathematical and logical approaches rather than on probable words and unsystematic guesswork.

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Factors behind the emergence and advancement of Arab cryptology are discussed and the specific contributions of some Arab cryptologists are highlighted based on newly discovered documents.

The codebreakers : the story of secret writing

CONTENTS Preface to the Revised Edition Preface A Few Words 1. One Day of Magic THE PAGENT OF CRYPTOLOGY 2. The First 3,000 Years 3. The Rise of the West 4. On the Origin of a Species 5. The Era of

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The mathematician and engineer Charles Babbage (1791–1871) is best remembered for his 'calculating machines', which are considered the forerunner of modern computers. Over the course of his life he

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This 3rd edition of "Decrypted Secrets" has become a standard book on cryptology and has again been revised and extended in many technical and biographical details.

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A NEW book by Mr. Udny Yule is a statistical event which, though of great rarity, is all the more welcome when it occurs. This, however, is not a formal treatment of a subject which has already

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