Letter To the Editor: ‘Comment J’ai Vaincu la Douler et l’Inflammation Chronique Par l’Alimentation’ by J Lagacè


32 Università degli Studi di Salerno "Stubbing pain in the hands, finger joints blocked, severe pain in the back and knees, insomnia, depression. The life of Dr. Jacqueline Lagacé, like that of millions of people suffering from arthritis and osteoarthritis, is an ordeal, until the day he encounters in the hypotoxic diet Dr. Seignalet and decided to try it" This is the introduction to the book " Comment j'ai vaincu la douleur et l'inflammation chronique par l'alimentation" of Jaqueline Lagacé, Canadian physician specializing in virology and immunology. In this book Dr. Lagacè explains the basics of the Seignalet nutrition who believes that this system has a preventive or beneficial in many diseases. Seignalet advocates a return to an ancestral type of nutrition, his scheme is based on a primarily qualitative approach of diet, he dismisses the food they considered potentially harmful to the human organism (foods cooked at high temperature and also, among others, wheat and dairy products, organic foods and favors). This nutritional approach is variously called by the author ancestral diet, diet or feeding hypotoxic original type. The mechanisms of action proposed by the author to explain the pathogenesis associated with certain foods and the effectiveness of their removal are not scientifically proven. The sample used is not sufficient for a reliable statistical approach that includes: study on a large number of patients with double blind method and rate quantified as positive, negative and with a controlled follow-up. The scheme Seignalet currently, despite the efforts required by its implementation and very reserved attitude of some of the scientific community about its effectiveness. Seignalet Jean (1936-2003), pioneer of renal transplantation in Languedoc-Roussillon was oriented nutrition through his research in immunology. He developed theories about the relationship between diet and the onset of various diseases.In his clinical practice, it has tested these theories on his patients by offering them a nutritional model that classifies hypotoxic. "The power or third medicine" that outlines the principles of this method dietetics, the mechanisms proposed to explain how certain foods may be involved in different pathologies and results Seignalet have observed his patients as a result of nutritional change.These results are sorted by ailments, some ill-treated by conventional medicine, would be put into remission by the treatment applied rigorously. For Seignalet, our genetic heritage from the Paleolithic hunter-gatherers did not have time to adapt to the modern diet.This mismatch is a key to understanding certain diseases. Under the influence of various factors.(genetic enzyme deficiencies, predisposing ground, allergies) and environmental factors such as the modern diet (including, gluten, milk proteins and products of cooking at high temperature) or frequent intake of chemicals such as antibiotics, mucosal Intestinal be attacked, undermined and rendered too porous, allowing easy passage into the bloodstream of macromolecules and bacterial food. According to the theory proposed by Seignalet in this state that is characteristic of hyper-intestinal permeability (leaky gut syndrome), the passage of exogenous molecules cause a chronic inflammatory process and immune response, depending on terrain would lead to the development of autoimmune disease, a disease known for clogging or elimination of diseases known. The food residue or bacteria would be captured by the immune system and then directed to natural excretory, causing inflammation of the target organ. When excess food waste disposal capacity of the body, they accumulate in the extracellular environment, causing fatigue and certain immune system molecules, structures similar to those of the host, penetrate into the cells of a particular organ and alter the operation or jeopardize the long-term survival. Seignalet recommend however to apply this system in substitution for medical treatment.Instead, it involves adopting a lifestyle to prevent disease or improve patient tolerance to treatment. Known for his work in histocompatibility Seignalet published numerous articles on the subject in recognized scientific journals. By no cons did not publish his articles relating to nutrition. On the one hand, it presented no qualitative studies to desired (double blind, and treatment against placebo), other assumptions about the benefits of the system found only hypotoxic little attention in scientific circles. Data on modern hunter-gatherers, following a traditional diet, they suffer little show of some modern diseases (obesity, diabetes type 2 etc.), Regardless of the origin of their main food (meat animal, wild or domestic). Despite the testimony of patients who applied nutrition Seignalet and feel an improvement in their condition, particularly in cases of ankylosing spondylitis, the medical community remains skeptical about the results of this method of nutrition. The National Council of the College of Physicians also emits a warning on this point. Therapeutic efficacy is not recognized by the scientific community, may delay the development of therapeutic and healing can put at stake the lives of patients, illegally practicing medicine. The book of Dr. Lagacé has already been reviewed by Prof. Ciacci [1] who stressed that "the hypothesis that certain foods, or, better, certain proteins present in the Letter To the Editor: ‘Comment J’ai Vaincu la Douler et l’Inflammation Chronique Par l’Alimentation’ by J Lagacè

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