Letheobia pauwelsi, a new species of blindsnake from Gabon (Serpentes: Typhlopidae)

  title={Letheobia pauwelsi, a new species of blindsnake from Gabon (Serpentes: Typhlopidae)},
  author={V. Wallach},
  journal={African Journal of Herpetology},
  pages={85 - 91}
  • V. Wallach
  • Published 2005
  • Biology
  • African Journal of Herpetology
Abstract A new species of African blindsnake related to western Letheobia caecus and eastern L. acutirostratus is described from Gabon. It differs from both species in having an hourglass dorsal rostral shape, a ventrally angled corneal cutting edge, and a unicameral right lung. Externally it resembles L. caecus but differs in lacking rostral papillae, lacking a longitudinally enlarged frontal, lacking extended supranasals, and having the inferior nasal suture contacting the first supralabial… Expand
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