Lethal Ramming of Sharks by Large Jacks (Carangidae) in the Palau Islands, Micronesia 1

  title={Lethal Ramming of Sharks by Large Jacks (Carangidae) in the Palau Islands, Micronesia 1},
  author={Diana L. McPherson and Kautchang Vince Blaiyok and W. Bruce Masse},
Abstract: We observed a Giant Trevally (Caranx ignobilis) ramming and mortally injuring a pair of adult Blacktip Reef Sharks (Carcharhinus melanopterus) in the Palau Islands of Micronesia. Such ramming behavior is known to Palauan and Marshallese fishermen for large-sized individuals of several different species of jacks (Carangidae). In addition, we interviewed knowledgeable Palauan subsistence fishermen regarding episodes of ramming that they had witnessed. Our observations suggest that… Expand
The first record, tagging and release of a neonatal whale shark Rhincodon typus in Taiwan.
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Ecological redundancy between coral reef sharks and predatory teleosts
It is suggested that reef sharks may be unable to swallow whole prey that are > 36% of their length, consistent with gut-content studies, and Conservation of reef ecological function may depend not only on the protection of sharks but also particular size classes and key components of the mesopredatory guild. Expand
Écologie trophique de poissons prédateurs et contribution à l'étude des réseaux trophiques marins aux abords de La Réunion
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An Observation of Mating in Free-Ranging Blacktip Reef Sharks, Carcbarbinus melanopterus1
Mating in C. melanopterus was characterized by multiple males following a single female, a male grabbing the female near the pectoral fin and positioning her head down on the bottom, and the insertion of a single clasper. Expand
Distribution, size frequency, and sex ratios of blacktip reef sharks Carcharhinus melanopterus at Palmyra Atoll: a predator-dominated ecosystem.
Blacktip reef sharks Carcharhinus melanopterus were the most abundant predator in the lagoons at Palmyra Atoll, although there was some evidence of sexual segregation. Expand
Predatory behaviors of Caranx melampygus (Carangidae) feeding on spawning reef fishes : A novel ambushing strategy
This previously undescribed, specialized ambushing behavior of Caranx melampygus is atypical of fast swimming carangids and illustrates the behavioral flexibility of this important reef predator. Expand
Words of the Lagoon: Fishing and Marine Lore in the Palau District of Micronesia.
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Movements and dispersal patterns of blue trevally (Caranx melampygus) in a fisheries conservation zone
Abstract The short- and long-term movement patterns of blue trevally (Caranx melampygus) were monitored using a combination of sonic tracking and tag-and-release techniques. All fish were capturedExpand
The predatory tactics of Caranx melampygus and the response of its prey
Caranx melampygus is a diurnally active reef predator and observations on its hunting activity and upon the way prey species respond to it suggest that it uses an optimal foraging strategy. WithinExpand
Long-term movement patterns and trophic ecology of blacktip reef sharks (Carcharhinus melanopterus) at Palmyra Atoll
Animal movements, residence times, and subsequently foraging strategies, should vary with habitat quality, and there was no relationship between total length (TL) and δ 15 N, 13 C relative isotope concentrations, or a Body Condition index (BC) for sharks in the western lagoon. Expand
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Predator–prey and competitive interactions between sharks (order Selachii) and dolphins (suborder Odontoceti): a review
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