Lest we forget.

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Psychosocial Impacts of War and Trauma in Temsula Ao’s Laburnum for My Head
  • R. T., B. Padmanabhan
  • Political Science
    Rupkatha Journal on Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities
  • 2020
Violence constantly carries trauma and suffering to combatants as well as non- combatants identically. It also brings enmity and negativity to everyone both emotionally and physically. The cause for
Some missiological imperatives of the christianisation of Cinamwali as Cilangizo in the Reformed Church in Zambia
CITATION: Zulu, W. & Mbaya, H. 2016. Some missiological imperatives of the christianisation of Cinamwali as Cilangizo in the Reformed Church in Zambia. Studia Historiae Ecclesiasticae, 42(3):78–190,
Extensive exploration of literatures, stakeholders’ statements, comments, debates and arguments etc from seminars, conferences, fora, meetings, telephone calls, email correspondences, etc are
Amyloid β protein immunotherapy neutralizes Aβ oligomers that disrupt synaptic plasticity in vivo
The ability of exogenous and endogenous antibodies to rapidly neutralize soluble Aβ oligomers that disrupt synaptic plasticity in vivo suggests that treatment with such antibodies might show reversible cognitive deficits in early Alzheimer disease.
An international scoping review of rangers’ precarious employment conditions
Protecting wildlife and other natural resources requires engaging and empowering local communities, ensuring compliance with rules, and ongoing monitoring and research. At the frontline of these
Tech Public of Erosion: the Formation and Transformation of the Palestinian Tech Entrepreneurial Public
Our five-year ethnographic study of Palestinian tech entrepreneurship provides a unique case that examines the interplay between technology, politics and power dynamics. In this paper, we trace the
Deep anomaly detection of seizures with paired stereoelectroencephalography and video recordings
These findings are promising for future deployment in epilepsy monitoring units to enable real-time seizure detection without annotated data and only minimal training time in individual patients.
The snowdrop, wellspring of galanthamine
It is intended to shed light on the initial works relating to the snowdrop’s alkaloid, galanthamine, performed by Soviet and Bulgarian scientists, which lie buried away and generally remain unknown.
Ethnography, CSCW and Ethnomethodology
Much of the ethnomethodological work that was done in the UK during the early development of CSCW had a distinctive character and made significant contributions to the study of complex organizational environments for design-related purposes that arguably reinvigorated the European fieldwork tradition.