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Lessons in Command and Control from the Los Angeles Riots

  title={Lessons in Command and Control from the Los Angeles Riots},
  author={Christopher M. Schnaubelt},
"Police officers responded to a domestic dispute, accompanied by marines. They had just gone up to the door when two shotgun birdshot rounds were fired through the door, hitting the officers. One yelled `cover me!' to the marines, who then laid down a heavy base of fire. . . . The police officer had not meant `shoot' when he yelled `cover me' to the marines. [He] meant . . . point your weapons and be prepared to respond if necessary. However, the marines responded instantly in the precise way… Expand

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Assessment of the Performance of the California National Guard During the Civil Disturbances in Los Angeles
    Department of the Army, Field Manual 19-15
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    Description by Major General James Delk, the CANG's deputy adjutant general at the time of the 1992 riots
      LA" riots actually occurred in several areas of LA County, including the cities of