Lessons from the information paradox

  title={Lessons from the information paradox},
  author={S. Raju},
  journal={Physics Reports},
  • S. Raju
  • Published 10 December 2020
  • Physics
  • Physics Reports
The price of curiosity: information recovery in de Sitter space
Recent works have revealed that quantum extremal islands can contribute to the fine-grained entropy of black hole radiation reproducing the unitary Page curve. In this paper, we use these results to
Recently in various theoretical works, a path-breaking progress has been made to recover the well known Page Curve of an evaporating black hole with the help of Quantum Extremal Surfaces (QES) aka
Islands in linear dilaton black holes
We derive a novel four-dimensional black hole with planar horizon that asymptotes to the linear dilaton background. The usual growth of its entanglement entropy before Page’s time is established.
Concerns about the replica wormhole derivation of the island conjecture
In a close look at the replica wormhole derivation of the island conjecture, we note a discrepancy in the derived matrix eigenvalues in the limit where the Hawking radiation entropy goes to zero. The
Prepared for submission to JHEP Islands with Gravitating Baths
We study the Page curve and the island rule for black holes evaporating into gravitating baths, with an eye towards establishing a connection with the ER=EPR proposal. We consider several models of
Modave Lectures on Quantum Information: An Introduction to Channels and Applications to Black Holes and AdS/CFT
These notes introduce a handful of core ideas from quantum information science that figure prominently in modern research on quantum gravity, including the most general physically-reasonable map between quantum states and between operators on Hilbert space.
Recent Progress on the Black Hole Information Paradox
It is described qualitatively the recent research that shows that the von Neumann entropy of Hawking radiation follows the Page curve, and hence is consistent with unitary, information preserving time evolution.
Holography from the Wheeler-DeWitt equation
Abstract In a theory of quantum gravity, states can be represented as wavefunctionals that assign an amplitude to a given configuration of matter fields and the metric on a spatial slice. These
Inconsistency of islands in theories with long-range gravity
In ordinary gravitational theories, any local bulk operator in an entanglement wedge is accompanied by a long-range gravitational dressing that extends to the asymptotic part of the wedge. Islands
Failure of the split property in gravity and the information paradox
  • S. Raju
  • Physics
    Classical and Quantum Gravity
  • 2022
In an ordinary quantum field theory, the ‘split property’ implies that the state of the system can be specified independently on a bounded subregion of a Cauchy slice and its complement. This


Diffeomorphism invariance and the black hole information paradox
We argue that the resolution to the black hole information paradox lies in a proper accounting of the implications of diffeomorphism invariance for the Hilbert space and observables of quantum
The Information paradox: A Pedagogical introduction
The black hole information paradox is a very poorly understood problem. It is often believed that Hawking's argument is not precisely formulated, and a more careful accounting of naturally occurring
Resolving the black hole causality paradox
  • S. Mathur
  • Physics
    General Relativity and Gravitation
  • 2019
The black hole information paradox is really a combination of two problems: the causality paradox and the entanglement problem. The causality paradox arises because in the semiclassical approximation
Remarks on the necessity and implications of state-dependence in the black hole interior
We revisit the ``state-dependence'' of the map that we proposed recently between bulk operators in the interior of a large anti--de Sitter black hole and operators in the boundary CFT. By refining
Smooth Causal Patches for AdS Black Holes
We review the paradox of low energy excitations of a black hole in anti--de Sitter space (AdS). An appropriately chosen unitary operator in the boundary theory can create a locally strong excitation
Geometry of the Infalling Causal Patch
The firewall paradox states that an observer falling into an old black hole must see a violation of unitarity, locality, or the equivalence principle. Motivated by this remarkable conflict, we
Black Holes: Eliminating Information or Illuminating New Physics?
Black holes, initially thought of as very interesting mathematical and geometric solutions of general relativity, over time, have come up with surprises and challenges for modern physics. In modern
Overcounting of interior excitations: a resolution to the bags of gold paradox in AdS
In this work, we investigate how single-sided and eternal black holes in AdS can host an enormous number of semiclassical excitations in their interior, which is seemingly not reflected in the
Entanglement wedge reconstruction and the information paradox
When absorbing boundary conditions are used to evaporate a black hole in AdS/CFT, we show that there is a phase transition in the location of the quantum Ryu-Takayanagi surface, at precisely the Page
Black hole entanglement and quantum error correction
A bstractIt was recently argued in [1] that black hole complementarity strains the basic rules of quantum information theory, such as monogamy of entanglement. Motivated by this argument, we develop