Lessons from recent accidents in radiation therapy in France.

  title={Lessons from recent accidents in radiation therapy in France.},
  author={Sylvie Derreumaux and C{\'e}cile Etard and Catherine Huet and François Trompier and Isabelle Clairand and Jean-François Bottollier-Depois and Bernard Aubert and Patrick Gourmelon},
  journal={Radiation protection dosimetry},
  volume={131 1},
Many accidents in radiotherapy have been reported in France over the last years. This is due to the recent legal obligation to declare to the national safety authorities any significant incident relative to the use of ionising radiation including medical applications. The causes and consequences of the most serious events in radiotherapy are presented in this paper. Lessons can be learned from possible technical dysfunctions, from human errors or organisational weaknesses as to how such events… CONTINUE READING

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