Lessons from improved neonatal survival at Chandigarh.

  title={Lessons from improved neonatal survival at Chandigarh.},
  author={Omkar N. Bhakoo and R C Khajuria and Apurva Desai and A. Teras Narang},
  journal={Indian pediatrics},
  volume={26 3},
We observed a significant fall in neonatal mortality in babies weighing less than 2 kg during 1986 as compared to 1973 (7.94% vs 12.88%; p less than 0.005), and in preterm babies the mortality fell from 26.88 to 11.5% (p less than 0.001) during 1986. This was achieved despite 2-3 fold increase in the high risk babies and without any increase in the number of neonatal special care beds or nurses. Effective utilisation of the facilities was made possible through: (a) reduction in admissions to… CONTINUE READING