Lessons from ONTARGET.

  title={Lessons from ONTARGET.},
  author={Val{\'e}rie Berlaimont and J M Billiouw and Christian R Brohet and Alain G. Dupont and M D Gazagnes and Friederike Heller and J M Krzesinski and Luc Missault and Alexandre Persu and L. Pierard and Raoul Rottiers and Geert T Vanhooren and Walter Van Mieghem and Pieter Vervaet and Arnold G. Herman},
  journal={Acta clinica Belgica},
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The recently published results of the ONTARGET trial shed a new light on the cardiovascular protection of patients at high risk of a cardiovascular event. Despite a number of trials looking at the efficacy of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme inhibitors (ACEis) or Angiotensin Receptor Blockers (ARBs) in the prevention of cardiovascular events in patients with specific high risk profiles, the question of the equivalence of ACEis and ARBs remained unanswered. The ONTARGET trial has shown that… CONTINUE READING