Lesions of acute inhaled lethal ricin intoxication in rhesus monkeys.

  title={Lesions of acute inhaled lethal ricin intoxication in rhesus monkeys.},
  author={Catherine L. Wilhelmsen and Margaret L M Pitt},
  journal={Veterinary pathology},
  volume={33 3},
Five unimmunized adult rhesus monkeys weighing 5.9-6.3 kg were challenged with a precalculated, inhaled dose of 20.95-41.8 micrograms/kg of aerosolized ricin. Two males and three females either died or were killed at the onset of respiratory distress between 36 and 48 hours post-ricin inhalation and were necropsied. Consistent gross and microscopic lesions were confined to the thoracic cavity. All monkeys had multifocal to coalescing fibrinopurulent pneumonia, diffuse necrosis, and acute… CONTINUE READING
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