Lesbian feminisms: Historical and present possibilities

  title={Lesbian feminisms: Historical and present possibilities},
  author={Sonja J. Ellis and Elizabeth Peel},
  journal={Feminism \& Psychology},
  pages={198 - 204}
Lesbian feminism was a dominant ideology of politicized (white, middle class, North American, Western European, and Australasian) lesbians during the 1970s and 1980s. Prior to the rise of lesbian feminism, lesbianism was commonly theorized and talked about as illness and deviance, and subsequently as a personal sexual preference. Lesbian feminism offered women a new political language for thinking about sexuality. According to a key lesbian feminist writer, Sheila Jeffreys (2003: 22) ‘lesbian… 
Excavating Lesbian Feminism from the Queer Public Body: The Indispensability of Women-identification
Drawing on my own process of entry into local queer, lesbian and feminist public cultures, I argue that a powerful relationship between feminist and lesbian existence can be felt and that this
Women who prefer “lesbian” to “queer”: generational continuity and discontinuity
Survey data is drawn on investigating why some women might seek to retain the identity “lesbian,” and hopes to destabilize discussions about a generational divide defining the use of the term ”lesbian” with corresponding questions around ongoing relevance.
Saying Goodbye to Men: Southern Feminists Publishing News While Challenging Patriarchy
In 1975, a group of lesbian feminist separatists in Austin, Texas, made history by publishing a small newsletter named Goodbye to All That. The collective of women assembled one of the earliest known
Ambivalent Sexism and Gay Men in the US and UK
Intersectionality addresses power structures and systemic oppressions tied to marginalized identities, which qualitatively differentiates marginalized individuals from each other. This study examines
Feminist theory in Feminism & Psychology [Part I]: Dealing with differences and negotiating the biological
Theory is an important preoccupation of articles published in Feminism & Psychology. This Virtual Special Issue includes 10 of those published since the journal’s inception that have a primary focus
Lesbians’ Negative Affect Toward Sexual Minority People with Stereotypical Masculine and Feminine Characteristics
Abstract We investigated lesbians’ negative affect toward gay and lesbian scenarios with feminine/negative characteristics. Seventy-one Italian lesbians responded to self-report questionnaires.
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Intersex, and Queer Psychology
The second edition of this award-winning textbook provides an accessible and engaging introduction to the field of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and queer psychology. Comprehensive
Ageing, Gender and Sexuality: Equality in Later Life
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Spaces of privilege
There have been extensive developments in "gay rights" in the past 10 years. This has prompted the contention that some gay white men are increasingly able to access privilege at the expense of
Gender’s wider stakes: lay attitudes to legal gender reform
The Future of Legal Gender (FLaG) project is interested in examining the implications, for a wide range of stakeholders, of changing how legal sex/gender is regulated in England and Wales. In this


Bisexuality and the Challenge to Lesbian Politics: Sex, Loyalty, and Revolution
The subject of bisexuality continues to divide the lesbian and gay community. At pride marches, in films such as Go Fish, at academic conferences, the role and status of bisexuals is hotly contested.
We are everywhere : a historical sourcebook of gay and lesbian politics
I. Pre-History of a Lesbian and Gay Movement A. Enlightenment Backgrounds B. The French Revolution: Sexual Liberation and Political Speech II. The Beginnings of a Gay and Lesbian Movement A. The
Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence
  • A. Rich
  • Art
    Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
  • 1980
In its first issue (Autumn 1975), Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society published Carroll Smith-Rosenberg's now classic article, "The Female World of Love and Ritual: Relations between Women
To Queer or Not to Queer a Lesbian and Gay Group? Sexual and Gendered Politics at the Turn of the Century
This article explores some emerging tensions between ‘lesbian and gay’ people and politics on the one hand, and ‘queer’ people and politics on the other. These are described by reference to a
The queer disappearance of lesbians: Sexuality in the academy
Radical feminism has critiqued heterosexuality both as a primary means through which people are constituted as women and as men, and as inherently oppressive for women. Two recent developments
Must Identity Movements Self-Destruct? A Queer Dilemma
Drawing on debates in lesbian and gay periodicals and writings from and about post-structuralist “queer theory” and politics, this paper clarifies the meanings and distinctive politics of
Lesbian-Feminist Gender Conceptions: Separatism in Christchurch, New Zealand
The National Science Foundation (Doctoral Dissertation Improvement grant BNS 781063), the Graduate School of Cornell University, and the University's Center for International Studies provided
Bisexuality “a la mode”
Unpacking queer politics : a lesbian feminist perspective
Acknowledgements. Introduction. Chapter 1: Gay Liberation and Lesbian Feminism. Chapter 2: Queer theory and Politics and the Lesbian Feminist Critique. Chapter 3: Public Sex and the creation of a