Lesbian couples: should help extend to AID?

  • Published 1978 in Journal of medical ethics


A considerable amount of publicity has recently centred on a few Lesbian couples who have successfully obtained artificial insemination by donor (AID) in order to have a child. Advice was orginally sought on a private basis from the Journal on the following case: now the issue is public knowledge, the doctor presenting the case has agreed to open discussion, and a case conference was convened to consider it. Those taking part were: Jackie Forster, Co-editor of Sappho; lesbian feminist magazine; Carola Haigh, General Practitioner, London; Ian Kennedy, Barrister and Lecturer in Law, Kings College, London; Anthony Parsons, Gynaecology Department, Kings College Hospital, London; Jennifer Pietroni, General Practitioner, London; Gordon Price, Department of Child & Family Psychiatry, Kings College Hospital, London; Rose Robertson, from Parents Enquiry, a counselling organisation for families where there is an incidence of Homosexuality and where it is causing stress. Roger Higgs, General Practitioner and organiser of the Case Conference Series, was in the Chair.

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