Les plaies crâniocérébrales d’origine balistique : recherche d’arguments pronostiques

  title={Les plaies cr{\^a}nioc{\'e}r{\'e}brales d’origine balistique : recherche d’arguments pronostiques},
  author={Ga{\"e}lle Paradot and N. Aghakani and Dominique Montpellier and Frederick Hobbs Parker and Marc Tadi{\'e}},
Abstract Background and purpose A retrospective study about craniocerebral gunshot wounds was done to better identify outcome predictors. Methods We reported and analyzed the clinical and radiological data of 18 patients admitted to Le Kremlin-Bicetre institute for a craniocerebral gunshot wound between January 2000 and December 2005. The Glasgow Outcome Scale (GOS) was used to analyze patient outcome. Results There were 17 men and one woman, mean age 43 years (range 17–84). Fifteen patients… CONTINUE READING