Les lois Veil

  title={Les lois Veil},
  author={Bibia Pavard and Florence Rochefort and Michelle Zancarini-Fournel},
Reproductive Politics in Twentieth-Century France and Britain
The border between France and Britain was more porous than is typically apparent from nationally-focused studies: ideas, people and devices travelled in both directions; communication strategies were always able to evade the rule of law and religion loomed large in debates on both sides of the channel. Expand
A Steady Number of Induced Abortions, but Fewer Women Concerned
The number of induced abortions in France is fairly stable, at about 210,000 a year, and according to the 2011 rates, one woman in three has an abortion at some time in her life. Expand
Le point sur la contraception d'urgence en 2014
Un oubli de pilule, un preservatif qui glisse ou se dechire, un anneau vaginal mal place... Il y a de nombreuses situations a risque qui peuvent entrainer une grossesse que l'on n'avait pas prevue.Expand