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Les houches physics at TeV colliders 2005, standard model and Higgs working group: Summary report

  title={Les houches physics at TeV colliders 2005, standard model and Higgs working group: Summary report},
  author={C.Buttar and S.Dittmaier and V.Drollinger and S.Frixione and A.Nikitenko and S.Willenbrock S.Abdullin and E.Accomando and Dacosta and A.Arbuzov and R.D.Ball and A.Ballestrero and P.Bartalini and U.Baur and A.Belhouari and S.Belov and A.Belyaev and D.Benedetti and T.Binoth and S.Bolognesi and S.Bondarenko and E.E.Boos and F.Boudjema and A.Bredenstein and V.E.Bunichev and J.M.Campbell and C.Carloni Calame and S.Catani and R.Cavanaugh and M.Ciccolini and J.Collins and A.M.Cooper-Sarkar and G.Corcella and S.Cucciarelli and G.Davatz and V.DelDuca and A.Denner and J.D'Hondt and A.Drozdetskiy and L.V.Dudko and M.Duehrssen and R.Frazier and J.Fujimoto and S.Gascon-Shotkin and T.Gehrmann and A. Ridder and A.Giammanco and A.-S.Giolo-Nicollerat and E.W.N.Glover and R.M.Godbole and A.Grau and M.Grazzini and J.Ph.Guillet and A.Gusev and R.Harlander and R.Hegde and G.Heinrich and J.Heyninck and J.Huston and T.Ishikawa and A.Kalinowski and T.Kaneko and K.Kato and N.Kauer and W.Kilgore and M.Kirsanov and A.Korytov and M.Kraemer and A.Kulesza and Y.Kurihara and S.Lehti and L.Magnea and F.Mahmoudi and E.Maina and F.Maltoni and C.Mariotti and B.Mellado and D.Mercier and G.Mitselmakher and G.Montagna and A.Moraes and M.Moretti and S.Moretti and I.Nakano and P.Nason and O.Nicrosini and M.R.Nolten and F.Olness and Yu.Pakhotin and G.Pancheri and F.Piccinini and E.Pilon and R.Pittau and S.Pozzorini and J.Pumplin and W.Quayle and D.A.Ross and R.Sadykov and M.Sandhoff and V.I.Savrin and A.Schmidt and M.Schulze and S.Schumann and B.Scurlock and A.Sherstnev and P.Skands and G.Somogyi and J.Smith and M.Spira and Y.Srivastava and H.Stenzel and Y.Sumino and R.Tanaka and Z.Trocsanyi and S.Tsuno and A.Vicini and D.Wackeroth and M.M.Weber and C.Weiser and S.Willenbrock and S.L.Wu and M.Zanetti},
  • C.Buttar, S.Dittmaier, +118 authors M.Zanetti
  • Published 2006
  • Physics
  • This Report summarises the activities of the "SM and Higgs" working group for the Workshop "Physics at TeV Colliders", Les Houches, France, 2-20 May, 2005. On the one hand, we performed a variety of experimental and theoretical studies on standard candles (such as W, Z, and ttbar production), treating them either as proper signals of known physics, or as backgrounds to unknown physics; we also addressed issues relevant to those non-perturbative or semi-perturbative ingredients, such as Parton… CONTINUE READING
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