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Les fouilles archéologiques de Kerma (Soudan). Rapport préliminaire sur les campagnes de 2003-2004 et 2004-2005

  title={Les fouilles arch{\'e}ologiques de Kerma (Soudan). Rapport pr{\'e}liminaire sur les campagnes de 2003-2004 et 2004-2005},
  author={Charles Bonnet and Matthieu Honegger and Dominique Valbelle and Philippe Ruffieux},

Machiavellian Masculinities: Historicizing and Contextualizing the “Civilizing Process” in Ancient Egypt

To judge from wisdom literature and artistic production, the ideal man in pharaonic Egypt was as polite and even-tempered as he was well groomed. This article examines the evidence for warrior

The Amun Cult and Its Development in Nubia

  • L. Gabolde
  • History
    The Oxford Handbook of Ancient Nubia
  • 2021
This chapter examines the origins of the god Amun, of his name, his ram-headed form, and their connections to Nubia, which seem to have been overestimated. Amun appears to be the major deity


  • M. Honegger
  • History
    Nubian Archaeology in the XXIst Century
  • 2018
Despite the numerous studies devoted to the civilisation of Kerma, little is known about the process leading to the formation of this entity, which gradually became more complex, hierarchically

Ontogeny and functional adaptation of trabecular bone in the human foot

This PhD would not have been possible without generous financial support from numerous Dutch and British funding bodies and charities. The Arts and Humanities Research Council (award 1503975) VSB

Weapons, Ideology and Identity at Kerma (Upper Nubia, 2500–1500 bc)

This paper would like to represent a first step in the direction of a more systematic and articulated study of the weapons and their meaning at Kerma and in the ancient Upper Nubian kingdom of Kush

The chaîne opératoire of Bronze Working in Ancient Sudan: An Attempt a Reconstituting the Manufacture of Kushite Weapons

Weaponry has played a significant part in ancient societies. Around this production are arrayed issues of economic exchanges, raw material supplies, technical know-how, and social and cultural

Revising Egypto-Nubian Relations in New Kingdom Lower Nubia: From Egyptianization to Cultural Entanglement

Building on recent criticisms of Romanization, this contribution formulates a systematic critique of the concept of Egyptianization and suggests a different theoretical approach to cultural process

Stable isotopes and diet at Ancient Kerma, Upper Nubia (Sudan)