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Les extrêmes distincts : la configuration de l'espace dans les sociétés ayant bâti des tertres funéraires dans le nord-ouest ibérique

  title={Les extr{\^e}mes distincts : la configuration de l'espace dans les soci{\'e}t{\'e}s ayant b{\^a}ti des tertres fun{\'e}raires dans le nord-ouest ib{\'e}rique},
  author={J. V. Lastres and E. Mart{\'i}nez and Xavier de Hennin},
On the surface, this book does not appear to be like any other BARs that we have encountered. With chapter headings like "One of the Fastest Trains," "I Guess It Must've Been," "Going to America" and "There Was One Girl Who Had a Beautiful Voice," the reader could be forgiven for thinking that he or she had stepped into a road movie, not a tract on tumuli in the Iberian North-West. But underneath the trendy facade this is an earnest attempt to catalogue and illustrate the dimensions and… CONTINUE READING
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