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Les Alhazai de Maradi (Niger) : histoire d'un groupe de riches marchands sahéliens

  title={Les Alhazai de Maradi (Niger) : histoire d'un groupe de riches marchands sah{\'e}liens},
  author={Emmanuel Gr{\'e}goire},

Wasteland and Empty Plots Trivialization in the Maradi City (Niger): Between Environmental Degradation and Consequent Nuisance, Quality of life and Sustainability of Biodiversity

The trivialization of empty spaces has long been practiced in the city of Maradi (Niger), particularly in the Zaria 2 (Commune II) and Ali Dan Sofo (Commune III) districts. With stalls in the streets

Cross-border Cattle Marketing in Sub-Saharan Africa since 1900

This chapter aims to study the impact of government policies on cross-border cattle marketing in Africa. It analyses the extent to which this type of cross-border trade has been created, diverted or

Neither Expression of Tolerance Nor Instrument of Repression: Economic Laissez-Faire as an Improvised Mode of Domination

This chapter refutes the intentionalist assumption by analyzing the political meaning of illegality and laissez-faire. It shows that whatever its nature, a government does not create illegality; at

Une économie stimulée par la frontière: l'exemple de Guidimouni dans le sud-est du Niger

Neglected for a long time in territories analysis, the border spaces constitute areas of intense socioeconomic activities. Guidimouni (Niger) depends heavily on the contact with the Nigerian border.

Cultural perspectives of marketing research for sustainable development in developing countries

Through his research experience in developing countries, Eric Arnould asserts that questions about sustainable development are historically linked to problems of access by populations in the global

Nomadism and mobility in the Sahara-Sahel: introduction

The articles compiled in this issue are based on contributions to the workshop “Nomades et migrants dans l’espace Sahara-Sahel: Mobilité, ressources et développement”, held in Bamako, January 2011.

- Parcours, HDR, vol. 1, août 2012 - Encadrements et mobilisations dans les villes africaines du patrimoine : l'exemple du religieux, HDR, vol. 2, août 2012 - Recueil de publications, HDR, vol. 3, août 2012

Volume 2 : Encadrements et mobilisations dans les villes africaines du patrimoine : l'exemple du religieux Ce volume principal de l'HDR commence par la presentation des contextes conceptuels et du

New media entrepreneurs and changing styles of public communication in Africa: introduction

This introductory article sketches the background of contemporary changes in African mediascapes against which we develop our central concepts of new (individual or collective) media entrepreneurs as

L'expression territoriale des comportements électoraux au Mali

Ce nouveau millenaire place l'Afrique sur la scene politique internationale. En effet, elle vit la dynamique de la mondialisation et de la globalisation au rythme d'un passage progressif a la

Cross-Border Cooperation between Niger and Nigeria: Opportunities and Challenges for the Maradi Micro-Region in West Africa

Within Africa, renewed interest is being shown in sub-regional integration and West Africa is no exception. Micro-regions act as a microcosm and an entry point to the study of regionalism in Africa.



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The Clandestine Movement of Groundnuts across the Niger-Nigeria Boundary

RESUMELe danger le plus communement redoute au sujet des frontieres creees ou imposees par le colonialisme est que cette barriere physique creee ne recoive que peu de consensus ou d'acceptation au

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