Leptospirosis of the lung: radiographic findings in 58 patients.

  title={Leptospirosis of the lung: radiographic findings in 58 patients.},
  author={Jooyoung Im and Kyung Mo Yeon and Man Chung Han and Chang Won Kim and W. Richard Webb and Jin Seong Lee and Yong Chul Han and Woon Ha Chang and Je Geun Chi},
  journal={AJR. American journal of roentgenology},
  volume={152 5},
Leptospirosis is the disease produced by any of the group of spirochetes of the genus Leptospira. The main organs involved are the liver, central nervous system, kidneys, skeletal muscle, and lungs. Thirty-seven (64%) of 58 patients with leptospirosis, proved by positive serology, had pulmonary radiographic findings. Three radiographic patterns were evident: (1) 21 (57%) of the 37 patients had small nodular densities, (2) six (16%) had large confluent areas of consolidation, and (3) 10 (27… CONTINUE READING


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