Leptonotus vincentae, a new pipefish species (Syngnathidae: Syngnathinae) from the south-west Atlantic Ocean near northern Patagonia.

  title={Leptonotus vincentae, a new pipefish species (Syngnathidae: Syngnathinae) from the south-west Atlantic Ocean near northern Patagonia.},
  author={Diego C. Luzzatto and Mar{\'i}a Lourdes Estalles},
  journal={Journal of fish biology},
A new species of pipefish Leptonotus vincentae sp. nov. (Syngnathidae) is described on the basis of 12 specimens found in shallow waters (<2 m depth) of San Antonio Bay, Patagonia, Argentina, in the south-west Atlantic Ocean. The species is distinguished from congeners by the combination of: dorsal-fin rays 30-33, pectoral-fin rays 12-13, trunk rings 18-19, tail rings 43-46, subdorsal rings (2-4) + (5.5-8) = (8.5-10), head length 13-14% standard length, snout length 35-55% head length and snout… 
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