Leptonic $CP$ violating Phase in the Yukawaon Model

  title={Leptonic \$CP\$ violating Phase in the Yukawaon Model},
  author={Yoshio Koide and Hiroyuki Nishiura},
  • Yoshio Koide, Hiroyuki Nishiura
  • Published 2014
  • Physics
  • In the so-called "Yukawaon" model, the (effective) Yukawa coupling constants $Y_f^{eff}$ are given by vacuum expectation values (VEVs) of scalars $Y_f$ (Yukawaons) with $3\times 3$ components. In this brief report, we change VEV forms $ $ in the previous paper into a unified form. Therefore, parameter fitting for quark and lepton masses and mixings is revised. Especially, we obtain predicted values of neutrino mixing $\sin^2 2\theta_{13}$ and a leptonic $CP$ violating phase $\delta_{CP}^\ell… CONTINUE READING

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