Leptina e exercício físico aeróbio: implicações da adiposidade corporal e insulina

  title={Leptina e exerc{\'i}cio f{\'i}sico aer{\'o}bio: implicaç{\~o}es da adiposidade corporal e insulina},
  author={Fabiana Braga Benatti and Ant{\^o}nio Herbert Lancha Junior},
ABSTRACTLeptin and endurance exercise: implications of adiposity andinsulin Obesity currently is qualified as a worldwide health epidemicand its consequences include diabetes mellitus as far as cardiacdisease. Genetic and environmental factors contribute to obesity,although the genetic component is still poorly understood in hu-mans. With the cloning of mouse ob gene and its receptor, leptinwas discovered, the “satiety hormone”. Leptin is expressed andsecreted primarily by adipose tissue and is… CONTINUE READING