Leptin-promoted cilia assembly is critical for normal energy balance.

  title={Leptin-promoted cilia assembly is critical for normal energy balance.},
  author={Yu Mi Han and Gil Myoung Kang and Kyunghee Byun and Hyuk Wan Ko and Joon Hyoung Kim and Mi-Seon Shin and Hyun-Kyong Kim and So Young Gil and Ji Hee Yu and Bonghee Lee and Min-Seon Kim},
  journal={The Journal of clinical investigation},
  volume={124 5},
The majority of mammalian cells have nonmotile primary cilia on their surface that act as antenna-like sensory organelles. Genetic defects that result in ciliary dysfunction are associated with obesity in humans and rodents, which suggests that functional cilia are important for controlling energy balance. Here we demonstrated that neuronal cilia lengths were selectively reduced in hypothalami of obese mice with leptin deficiency and leptin resistance. Treatment of N1 hypothalamic neuron cells… CONTINUE READING
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