Leptin levels in preterm human breast milk and infant formula.

  title={Leptin levels in preterm human breast milk and infant formula.},
  author={M Resto and Dan O'Connor and Kathleen H. Leef and Vicky L. Funanage and M. L. Spear and Robert G. Locke},
  volume={108 1},
OBJECTIVE Leptin, a hormone present in breast milk, is involved in energy regulation and metabolism. The purpose of this investigation was to determine whether leptin is present in either preterm breast milk (PBM) or preterm formula (PF). The effects of delivery methods and pasteurization on leptin levels also were evaluated. METHODS PBM samples were obtained from 29 mothers who delivered infants at between 23 and 34 weeks' gestation. Leptin levels were measured in PBM and PF with the use of… CONTINUE READING


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