Leptin is a potent stimulator of bone growth in ob/ob mice.

  title={Leptin is a potent stimulator of bone growth in ob/ob mice.},
  author={Claire M. Steppan and David T Crawford and Kristen L Chidsey-Frink and H Ke and Andrew G. Swick},
  journal={Regulatory peptides},
  volume={92 1-3},
Leptin, the product of the obese gene, is a circulating hormone secreted primarily from adipocytes. The lack of leptin in ob/ob mice, who are homozygous for the obese gene, results in hyperglycemia, hyperinsulinemia, hyperphagia, obesity, infertility, decreased brain size and decreased stature. To this end, we investigated the role of leptin as a hormonal regulator of bone growth. Leptin administration led to a significant increase in femoral length, total body bone area, bone mineral content… CONTINUE READING


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