Leprosy of the Nose Clinical


Leprosy, one of the most important tropical granulomatous diseases, caused by bacillus leprae has a special predilection for the mucous membrane, skin and peripheral nerve s. Although leprosy is uncommon in Egypt, it is considered to be endemic in certain IQcalities of this country, especially in upper Egypt. It is noteworthy that the oldest known descriptions of the disease can be traced to the time of the Exodus, 1411-1314 B.C. (4) . The nose, lined by mucous membrane, is one of the chief organs that suffers greatly from this disease. It is frequently deformed and di sfigured and it contributes to the characteristic facies of leprotic patients. In spite of this important fact , the nose received little attention from the workers in this field , to the extent that Cochrane (5) reported that neither he nor others had thoroughly investigated early changes in the nose. It was therefore felt that a detailed clinical study of leprosy of the nose would fill a gap in leprosy research. MA TERIALS AND METHODS

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